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Quantum Energy Coach Training Course



Notes from the Quantum Energy Coaching Course with Dr Perry Zeus:

The Need to Create, Discover, and Explore.



-The cosmos quantum field (sometimes and labelled as the Universal Mind) provides us unlimited knowledge and a source of creativity if we know how to access it. This is our personal challenge and a source of wonder as we evolve. Our life's journey is all about discovering and exploring.
One World There’s a fundamental part of reality that is not just mind (e.g. thoughts) nor just matter (e.g. physical things). Carl Jung referred to this fundamental reality as the “unus mundus” or the “one world”.  This holistic realm, referred to as Quantum Reality by Quantum physicists splits into the two aspects we perceive as mind and matter.  
Form is the physical world: body, mind, personality.  Many great writers, philosophers and religions state we are here to learn how to consciously channel the creative energy from the Quantum Field in and about us into physical form.
When sages, great artists, writers, musicians, scientists, philosophers access the quantum field they have all acknowledged feeling a higher presence that transcends their everyday physical life.
Our two layers of existence -the visible (physical world) and the invisible (the Quantum Cosmos Field / Universal Mind). 
The Universal Mind is the source of "knowing", healing, peace, and a place where we can be in direct contact with our Higher Self. This higher 'State Beyond' is our source of pure awareness, pure intelligence, and pure creativity. 
When our consciousness has expanded to embrace a quantum/cosmic perspective of wonder we can learn how to fulfil the need to find our True/Higher Self, our purpose and our individual quest to find "success"/ "meaning" on the physical plain.



The Quantum Cosmic Field  - Cosmic Consciousness 

Consciousness, the Energy of the Quantum (Cosmos) Field that creates all things.
Each one of us is a part of the Quantum Energy Field. Our Higher Self, accessed via our superconciousness, that resides within us, is the portal to obtain unlimited knowledge and inspiration.  
Everything in the universe is consciousness.  Quantum Physics explains how space and time in all planes of reality are only projections within universal consciousness. There really is no here or there for everything is at one place where our Superconscious is. 


Superconscious - This is when you are aware of something when the mind is absent. This is not a state of mind but pure awareness. This Super consciousness level transcends all boundaries when a person is instantly aware of something.  

Reality Is Consciousness
When we are able to merge with our Higher Self via our super consciousness, we gain access to "knowing".  
'Knowing' versus rational knowing with direct knowing.
Knowledge transfer is via the experience of presence and being open and receptive. This clear state of being allows us to obtain a way of knowing (a source of infinite knowledge and guidance) that can transform our life by establishing our future.  
We create our own experience. Everything is possible because everything exists within us. The same unbounded potential resides in each and every one of us.  
The exciting, recent discoveries of quantum physics together with the latest research in Neuroscience and Neurpsychology have now provided us with a specific structure, process and tools to understand and work with our consciousness to build a more productive and happier lifetime.  
How does Quantum Energy Coaching (QEC) work?

Proprietary Q Energy Codes
-A set of proven principles and practices from Quantum Physics.

Energy Codes helps clients build the new neurocircuitry to sustain their truer Self — activating their higher brain centers, creative wavelengths and mind and body energy. 

Q Codes build the neurocircuitry to sustain this new identity through activating the key brain centers for generating higher level thinking and understanding. Clients frequently report that they develop an ability to “know” before the evidence appears in the physical world.

-Using Dr Perry Zeus's Course Q-Code experiential consciousness exercises.
Guided by the Quantum Energy Coach (QEC) Coach the client moves through different stages of consciousness enabling the brain and quantum information processing system to rapidly develop new neural internal connections, changed behavioral patterns and actuating future desired outcomes.


Empowering the Client to Self-Coach After the quantum-neuro decoding experiential sessions are complete the client is taught by their QEC Coach how to easily reinforce and practice the new Future Self/behavior.  

Coaching Bottom Line: The task of the QEC Coach is to help their clients better understand what they need to do with their self – to guide them to an action path of surrendering their present self to find their future self -to fulfil their potential and build a better, brighter future for themselves and their family.


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Note: This course focuses on the fields of life wellness and peak performance coaching. Only an appropriately credentialed health care professional should work on medical or psychological disorders.