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  Some Notes from the Quantum Energy Coach Training Course with Dr Perry Zeus:  
Quantum Science has proven everything that exists in this world is made up of energy. Mass is just one form of energy. From things that are seen, like people, objects and plants, to things that cannot be seen, like air, gravity, and everything that exists in the universe, at it’s most basic atomic form, is just a form of energy.
You are an electric field — a giant electric field which holds your atoms together, and which uses other electric fields to talk to other bits of yourself.
At the quantum level, all matter collapses into energy — the smallest particle dissolves into just energy. This means that if you can influence energy, you can change matter and reality.

Our Brain has two Networks - the Electromagnetic Field (EM) and Quantum (Cosmos) Field (QF)



The Human Body produces a limited (4-5 feet/1.5m) Electromagnetic field (EM).

What is our Electromagnetic Field (EM) ?

Quantum Science explains that everything that exists is made up of both particles and waves. Particles are tiny little things that make up everything that have physical or chemical properties, like volume, density, or mass, and waves are the movement and vibration of those particles.


Our “bodies” are actually made up of four distinct energy parts—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


Electromagnetic energy in the brain enables brain matter to create our consciousness and our ability to be aware and think.


When we think or do any action which is connected with our mind, our mind gives off EM waves.


The human body is a large arrangement of atoms, most of which are formed into living cells. Many of those cells create small electrostatic potentials as part of their operation, and in fact many cells such as nerves and muscles require an electrical gradient across cell membranes in order to perform their normal function.


The bio-magnetic fields of the body, though extremely tiny, can be measured. The study of the body's biofield is an active area of research with potential applications in fields such as medicine, wellness, and biofeedback.


Thoughts and emotions carry energetic frequencies / vibrations. 
houghts and Emotions have waves and produce electromagnetic effects. Emotions are energy. Thoughts are energy. Energy has weight and movement. Emotions and thoughts have weight and movement.


Our Bodies Electromagnetic Energy Field is all frequency and vibration. It responds not to what we want, but to what we are thinking and feeling - in other words, why we are being / acting who we are. To upgrade our potential and get different results, we must change what is driving our thoughts and our view of ourselves. To ask ourself  - ‘What Energy Field is driving my thinking and actions? "

Everyone cannot not feel negative emotions or thoughts. It is simply natural to feel sad, anxious, and angry. Quantum coaching teaches us how we can control and exchange negative energy for positive energy and generate better outcomes/results/actions that help realize our potential.


The human body is also made entirely of quantum (cosmos) fields, just as everything else is made entirely of quantum fields. Humans are made of “quanta” (highly unified energy bundles) with the EM field  holding things together,


The brain is the only human anatomical structure which is seen as capable of interacting meaningfully with the cosmos quantum field. The reason may lie in ‘the seat of the soul’ brain concept (deep brain area that converges all waves), which has been debated since ancient times. This deep and central part of the brain deals with everything from human consciousness to the determination of being alive or dead and awake or asleep, in addition to being associated with all brain–body functions.


- Mental Reality and Physical Reality (Parallel Realities).
- Awareness and aligning Intention and Attention
-the bridge between stimuli and consciousness.

The task of the quantum energy coach is to guide their clients how to self-coach themselves using consciousness
(defined as awareness) to build a bridge to their next level of existence. Dr Perry Zeus's Quantum Energy Coaching Course shows you how to customize easy-to-use, quantum-neuro experiential exercises to facilitate each clients connection with their electromagnetic field and quantum (cosmos) field (the matrix of all possibilities).

Working with our Electromagnetic Field (EM) -as detailed in Dr Perry Zeus's Master Quantum Coach Course.

Einstein's E= mc2 formula provides us the first step to the EM Energy Coaching Process. Quantum Coaching defines the formula as:


E = Energy (Emotional and Mental Energy), 

m indicates Motivation  

c signifies Cognition.
signifies that there is an empowering increase in energy that is released via motives and follow-on cognition to be effective in the faculty of real change / achieving a new, desired reality.  Read More >


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